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I’m not particularly fond of the motion picture world. Its dough, its hullabaloo, its commercialised stars, its lavish cocktail parties, its tuxedoed clones, its triumphant marketing, its stressed press, its Oscarised awards, its outdated fictions sometimes bewilder and amuse me, but rather depress me. I’m only really interested in motion pictures which try and film the truth, often designated in short as “real life documentaries” for lack of a more appropriate term. (Richard Olivier)


The solitary of the Ventoux mountain The convicted judge Heavy harted Black, yellow and red Marvin Gaye Transit Ostende Splendour and decadence of a department store The fantastic goal-scorer The End The motor cyclist of the Apocalypse Violent mass Phantasma The tapdancer Sheep as far as you can see I’m fed up with bananas The ultimate strip-tease Merry Christmas, dear! The deputy-mayor’s grief I’ll get your skin Idle talk in Paturages Bone story The King of the Gallery Zoute Story A corner of Paradise The insurrection at the National Theatre Bronze token of love The deputy-mayor’s race Women in white The creamy campaign of Georges Le Gloupier



"Power" is the main recurrent theme of all plays written by Richard Olivier. The kind of power which corrupts, mutilates, destroys both the person who exerts it and the one who is submitted to it.



None of the documents made by Richard Olivier have been commercialised so far. If you are interested in one of the films, contact the author.

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