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Big Dady Dada (1978)

Big Dady Dada


If Shakespeare had known this former sergeant and cook of the King’s Rifles of Her Gracious Majesty Elisabeth II of England, he would have dedicated one of his plays to Idi Amin Dada, who took office in this former British colony named “The Pearl of Africa”, before its independence Big Dady Dada spreads crime and terror across the land, with the help of three crocodile friends.

The deranged dictator, living in retrenchment, is madly in love with Elisabeth II.

One day, he orders Major Corn Flakes, his damned soul, to bring back the object of his burning desire. He threatens to lay the country to waste if his loyal servant fails … (to be continued on the scene).


Press Review

An intelligent show. Black humour seen through the news. A popular play that deserves larger audiences. The public does not stop laughing. "La libre Belgique"

The comedians prove once again that in Belgium there are brilliant artists, as bustling as in London and New York, who know what show and rhythm mean. "La Dernière Heure"