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King Singer (1977)

King Singer


True but romanced story of the US Secretary of State, Henry Kissinger. The star of diplomacy and military conflicts, dear Henry, only has one dream…. To make a name for himself in show-biz, to become a famous singer.

But the President does not agree and will do everything within his power to oppose this project… (to be continued on the stage).


Press review

Because of its great success, the Théatre de l’Esprit Frappeur will re-schedule the play. We are convinced that the public will continue to adore it. "La libre Belgique"

The biggest success of the season in Belgium. Written by Richard Olivier, this musical comedy mixes politics and burlesque. It is an imaginary but irresistible play. "Marie-Claire"

The most entertaining play we have seen in a long time in Brussels. "L'éventail."

Intelligent, sharp, wellbalanced : a lot of humour and verve. A continuous amusement. "L'écho de la Bourse"